Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Easy DIY Envelope Pillowcases

Lately, all I've been working on have been sewing projects. I've mostly been working on skirts. I love wearing skirts, but there is a certain type I like, so I've been trying to replicate some of them. That, in addition to running my photography business and being a full time mom, has really kept me busy.

This past weekend, my sister was visiting town and I showed her some fabric I had bought a while ago at Ikea. I had originally thought about using the fabric to make a headboard for our bedroom.  I changed my mind because I'm going to be making a quilt (that's a whole different post!) and I thought the quilt and the headboard would not look well together. Anyways, brainstorming with my sister I decided it was time to give my old pillows a make over. I was going to make pillowcases.

I've had these pillowcases since 2007. They are old and are starting to fall apart on the outside, so this was a perfect project to turn something junky but still usable, into something beautiful!

Here are the steps to creating an envelope pillowcase (I didn't want to have to deal with adding a zipper):

1. Once you have chosen the fabric you like (if you are planning on washing the pillow cases, make sure you prewash your fabric before doing anything with it), measure your pillows. Mine were 18"x18" so I cut my fabric in 3 pieces:

  • 1 piece measuring 19"x19" (adding 1" on each side for sewing the pieces together)
  • 2 pieces measuring 19"x13". Here I kept one of the lengths but cut the width by 6 inches. Together, they measure more than 19 inches but we want them to overlap.

2. Sew the seams on one side of each of the small pieces. First, iron the seam nicely so that it's straight and easy to sew.

3. Lay down your pieces, right side in, and pin them all together. Make sure there are no lumps. Once you are satisfied, start sewing all around the edges, leaving approximately 5/8" for seam allowance.

4. Turn the finished product inside out and, voila, you have a lovely envelope pillowcase to liven up any old dumpy pillow!

Once I made the square pillowcase, making a rectangular one was no problem. Just adjust the sizes and sew away!

The fox pillow shown on the picture at the beginning of this blog I bought on Society6. I love that pillow!

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